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7 Jul

Terry Cole

Can you be a biology teacher and run an awesome record label at the same time? Yes you can! With a large variety of awesome 45’s, a bunch of killer LP’s and beautiful artwork, Colemine Records has got to be one of the gnarliest record labels out there. I had a brief Q & A with the man responsible for all this goodness, Terry Cole, who apparently now also runs a Record Store in Loveland, Ohio. Awesome!

Colemine Records started as a label to bring out Soundscape, a band you were part of. How did other bands get involved?

Initially, the label started as me and my friends recording our own projects, but I became involved with Ikebe Shakedown through knowing Tommy Brenneck from Dunham/Daptone. The was the first band outside of my friends that we released. From then I met Kelly from Monophonics and it has slowly, but organically just grown from there. It’s been fantastic!

I read the first Colemine release was a CD. I understand your switch to vinyl, still I’m curious, what was your motive for doing so?

I did CDs in the beginning because I couldn’t afford vinyl, but vinyl was always the end game for me. No other way!

What other record labels inspire you the most?

Daptone, Truth & Soul, Stones Throw, Fat Possum, Sub Pop

Apart from the Colemine font/logo, every 45 has a different artwork. A thing you don’t see often, but in my eyes one of the things that define Colemine Records. What inspired you to do this and who’s responsable for the beautiful designs?

I like having a recognizable brand, but having each record have something unique about it. Like a variation on a theme. I do all the 45 art design myself with much input from the bands :).

Which 45 do you consider your favourite/one of your favourite creations artwork-wise?

I really like the artwork for the first Durand Jones 45. It’s black and white and has some real cool psyche vibe going on. But overall, I’m very happy with the whole catalog’s labels. They looks great all next to each other :).

Could you tell me what is one of your favourite non-Colemine 45’s (for the music or artwork, you decide)?

Don’t Know How by The Superlatives is one of my favorites for the music and the artwork. Anytime I spin some 45s, that is ALWAYS one of them!

I’ve read your daytime job is teaching biology, isn’t it really hard to combine it with running a record company? Especially because it keeps expanding.

I have quit teaching and am running the label full-time now with my younger brother, Bobby. We also run a record store together, Plaid Room Records. We are both here full-time as both the shop and label are expanding at a fast rate.

Plaid room seems like a record store I could spend a few days straight, too bad I live 4000 miles away from it. Who knows. I always think it’s hard to sell records because I’d rather keep them (I know greedy). Do you have any record you regret selling?

I had some early Blue Note pressings that I let go of early in the store’s life that I regret a little, but not too much. I try to keep collection pretty small. Just stuff that I truly listen to regularly, plus I love hipping someone to what I think is a great record. It’s more fun paying it forward than it is hanging on to records for me.

Where do you see Colemine Records in a few years?

Hopefully with over 60 45s in the catalog, about 15-20 LPs, and a few employees.

Finally, could you share some inspiring words for those who might want to start a label themselves one day?

Having a steady paycheck for the first 8 years of the label’s life really allowed it to grow steadily. I couldn’t imagine just quitting my job and starting a label. The money would just run out too fast. So, my advice is be patient, stay the course, have a goal in mind and build your catalog with quality, not quantity.

Ohio Soul 2

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